About the artist


I love the process of making art. The blank canvas with all its possibilities, the colorful tubes of paint, the struggle to keep ones initial vision, and the satisfaction when it all comes together excite me. The deeper I go with my craft, the more vividly I see and experience everything around me. Variety is truly the spice in life and I never want to be stuck painting only one way or only one subject matter. I am fond of both representational art with attention to lighting and loose abstraction. I wake up excited each day and I hope it shows in my work

– Leslie Irvine

Leslie Irvine is an artist who lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two children. After an initial career in medicine, she has found her true passion in the making of art. The journey from blank canvas to finished piece presents her with new challenges and insights every time. Each painting is a metaphor for life with fresh beginnings, followed by a struggle to find balance, and a final coming together when the colors and shapes just fit. When she is not in the studio, she is an avid cyclist and adventure traveller. Attention to lighting is what truly calls her in art. Her work is displayed in several Atlanta area homes and was featured in Elegant Home magazine fall 2017.  Commissions are available upon request.

Upcoming shows

Trinity Spotlight on Art 2019


Sloan Home and Gallery, Atlanta